Its A New Year

Welcome to 2012 everyone!! So far this year has been a blessed one for me, and I hope the same for the rest of you out there. I’m currently in Orlando, FL at the Braves facility rehabbing a torn labrum. The injury came at some point in the latter part of the season from diving in the outfield. I managed to finish the season with the Lynchburg Hillcats, and once I received a exit physical the official tear was revealed. I had surgery on October 10 so I’m 13 weeks out today. I’m glad to have had a successful surgery, and able to be in Orlando finishing my final phases of rehab heading in Spring Training. Just wanted to touch basis with my blog cause I know I slid away form it last year. But, this year I’ve made a vow to be better about writing and letting you guys in on whats going in on my journey to the Major Leagues! Continue to stay prayed up! Prayers go up & Blessings come down. Our father will not fail you. Have a blessed day!


You gonna be back for spring training? I had a also tear and had surgery in june and am hoping to be back for my senior season in march

Are you gonna be ready for spring training? I had a slap tear and surgery and hoping to be ready for my senior season in march. Best luck in recovery

Thanks for the post. I look forward to reading your blog for the rest of the year

Leo, keep persevering bro, keep your head up, and keep the Faith!

Still looking forward to seeing your name in the MLB Headlines.


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