Its A New Year

Welcome to 2012 everyone!! So far this year has been a blessed one for me, and I hope the same for the rest of you out there. I’m currently in Orlando, FL at the Braves facility rehabbing a torn labrum. The injury came at some point in the latter part of the season from diving in the outfield. I managed to finish the season with the Lynchburg Hillcats, and once I received a exit physical the official tear was revealed. I had surgery on October 10 so I’m 13 weeks out today. I’m glad to have had a successful surgery, and able to be in Orlando finishing my final phases of rehab heading in Spring Training. Just wanted to touch basis with my blog cause I know I slid away form it last year. But, this year I’ve made a vow to be better about writing and letting you guys in on whats going in on my journey to the Major Leagues! Continue to stay prayed up! Prayers go up & Blessings come down. Our father will not fail you. Have a blessed day!

Almost Time

Hello World! I know its been a long time since I last checked in, but we all know January is the month were we spend a lot of time preparing for Spring Training! I have been hitting, running & throwing so much that I can’t wait enough for Spring Training to start. For everyone wondering I report on March 3rd and that day couldn’t come fast enough!! I know when I last wrote I said I would be working out down at Turner Field, and would be coming with pictures,videos & etc. But i decided not to take that approach this year and go another route. This off season I have been working with swing coach C.J. Stewart, native of Atlanta & founder of L.E.A.D. His organization is a nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, Georgia &
is committed to having a significant impact on the number of inner city
middle and high school student- athletes playing competitive baseball
to prepare them to compete for college baseball scholarships.  L.E.A.D.
embraces the legacy of leadership demonstrated by African American
legends in baseball and community leaders to inspire a new generation of
players and coaches to develop and become engaged citizens in their
communities and world. Check out his websites at & join our community yourself at C.J. has taught me a lot about my swing through video analysis and a lot of hands on working. Also i have picked up a few pointers from fellow Braves mate and friend Jason Heyward about how to approach myself going into this season! I couldn’t stress enough how big of a year this is for me, and i want to make it a special one for myself as well. I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you guys know I haven’t forgot about writing, but I’ve been preparing for this season instead! Hope to see some of my readers during Spring Training or during the season, but first stop is Orlando, Florida. Enjoy the rest of what’s left of your offseason as I will too heading into Spring Training.

Thanks for reading

A New Year

Welcome to 2011!! Glad to have witnessed another year in the making, and I’m ready to put my dreams into action already. This offseason has been a good for me and my thought process. I finished off the year with a late promotion to Mississippi (Double A) where i got a chance to experience a different perspective of baseball. By that i mean its not your typical baseball were pitchers try to blow fastballs by you, or try to get you to chase things in the dirt. In Double A i faced pitchers who has great command of all their pitches, and wasn’t afraid to throw them at any times. The strike zone shrinks a little which gives you a better perspective of what the strike zone is like in the big leagues. Overall it was just a learning experience for me as I hope to have the opportunity to begin this year with Mississippi. I went into this offseason with the mindset that I’m that close to making a dream a reality, but at the same time there’s someone else behind or in front of me with the same goals. I’ve added some pounds this winter but thats only because I’m going to lose a few pounds in Spring Training from the intense workouts we go through everyday. My playing weight for the season is normally around 185-187, but i want to see if i can maintain 190 and still be able to move as quickly with more weight. January has approached and baseball season right there in our view! Baseball also makes the new year seems so much better cause that means another year of doing what I love to do. I received a phone call from Kurt Kemp about a week ago asking me was I going to participate in early hitting at Turner Field again this year. How could I say no?? Haha, that’s just a perk that I can’t pass up! Being apart of my home teams organization is a blessing in general, but to have access to MLB coaches, trainers, clubhouse and environment is something I could never say no to. Last year i got to experience hitting tips from Terry Pendleton, Glenn Hubbard, Chipper Jones, Eddie Perez, and even got to watch Andruw Jones take some cuts. Its a blast to be in the same cages with these guys, but more important for me is to take the advice they give me to apply to my game. Wether is little advice or even changing something in its entirety, they know what they are taking about because their in the Majors and thats where im trying to prepare myself to be. Soon I will have pictures from my lessons down at Turner Field, videos if I can and much more. I just wanted to touch basis here and keep everyone interested in my blog, because I know we are all anxious at the baseball season that is quickly approaching us! I hope you all had a great Christmas & New Years and may it continue to be a good one as we ride the wave of 2011. Thanks for reading and have a good day

A Little About Myself

Welcome to the blog of Leonardo Ware (L.V. Ware). I am a native of Atlanta, Georgia and a minor league baseball player for the Atlanta Braves. I am proud to say that I am a part of the most amazing organization of all of baseball. The Atlanta Braves organization shows class, respect, dedication, loyalty and the drive to be the best ever. As a child growing up in the inner city of Atlanta it was always a dream to one day be a Brave. Watching the Braves in the 90’s was probably one of most memorable moments I’ll have to remember as a young man growing up. My dream became a reality when I was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 43rd round after the 2006 season & after of my refusal to sign with the Chicago Cubs to play another year of college baseball. After being selected by the Braves I was further notified that this was going to be the last year of draft and follow, so i had to perform at my best in the spring of 2007 if i wanted to seal a deal with the Braves. I cant say I had a stellar year during the spring, but it was a year that made a dream a reality! I signed with the Braves April 28, 2007 and was it relief of my shoulders. Signing with the University of South Carolina was blessing itself during the fall semester, but inking the deal with the Braves was something that just couldnt be replaced. After signing my contract I recieved a few phone calls, first from Kurt Kemp (Director of Player Development) then from Mr. Johnathan Schuerholz (President of the Atlanta Braves) both congratulating me on signing with the Atlanta Braves & being the first player to sign in 2007. Didnt play in 2007 due to rotator cuff surgery, but its the only reason why i have a career now. Played 2008 in Danville, VA (Danville Braves) 2009 in Rome, GA (Rome Braves) & Danville, VA (Danville Braves 2009 Appy League Champs) 2010 in Rome, GA (Rome Braves) / Myrtle Beach, SC (Myrtle Beach Pelicans) / Jackson, MIssissippi (Mississippi Braves). This is just a little for you all to get to know me, but look for great photos, videos, interviews, pictures & comedy on my blog. Thanks for stopping by to read my thoughts. Have a great day!!


L.V. Ware