Almost Time

Hello World! I know its been a long time since I last checked in, but we all know January is the month were we spend a lot of time preparing for Spring Training! I have been hitting, running & throwing so much that I can’t wait enough for Spring Training to start. For everyone wondering I report on March 3rd and that day couldn’t come fast enough!! I know when I last wrote I said I would be working out down at Turner Field, and would be coming with pictures,videos & etc. But i decided not to take that approach this year and go another route. This off season I have been working with swing coach C.J. Stewart, native of Atlanta & founder of L.E.A.D. His organization is a nonprofit organization located in Atlanta, Georgia &
is committed to having a significant impact on the number of inner city
middle and high school student- athletes playing competitive baseball
to prepare them to compete for college baseball scholarships.  L.E.A.D.
embraces the legacy of leadership demonstrated by African American
legends in baseball and community leaders to inspire a new generation of
players and coaches to develop and become engaged citizens in their
communities and world. Check out his websites at & join our community yourself at C.J. has taught me a lot about my swing through video analysis and a lot of hands on working. Also i have picked up a few pointers from fellow Braves mate and friend Jason Heyward about how to approach myself going into this season! I couldn’t stress enough how big of a year this is for me, and i want to make it a special one for myself as well. I just wanted to check in with everyone and let you guys know I haven’t forgot about writing, but I’ve been preparing for this season instead! Hope to see some of my readers during Spring Training or during the season, but first stop is Orlando, Florida. Enjoy the rest of what’s left of your offseason as I will too heading into Spring Training.

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L.V.!! This is Teri Johnson I went to OW with you back in the 2006-2007 year and played softball. I heard from the girls back then that you got drafted by the Braves, congrats on that! I live in Jackson, MS now and of course I noticed you play for the M-Braves!! I’ll be looking for you this season and good luck!!!

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